Avalanchers Xmas Album 2008 (Volume #1)

Posted Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 by deadcase

Once upon a time there was a nice little boy that liked listening to other people’s music.

On one fateful day (many moons ago) .. oh wait! maybe it was on more than one fateful day! no matter, moving on. . .  that same boy discovered rock’n’roll and ambient music, that nice and inquisitive little boy grew up to become a man! (no real surprise there, eh!)  Anywhoo! time passed and other wondorous and fascinatingly fantastical things happened, but, we don’t have the time to go into all the ins and outs regarding the unicorn and the basketful of kittens right now. . . blah blah blah. .  aaaaaand eventually.. Lo! it did came to pass that on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 at  8:48 am (or thereabouts) upon the Avalanchers Discussion Forum an idea was spawned or hatched or rather revisited, but, from a slightly new direction.. again.. uh.. sort of!

The idea was simple enough, but, would see vastly gargantuan momentous waves to be generated and passed across Oceans!! uh.. (get the fuck on with it!).. oh yeah. . .  the idea was simple enough. . .  a community of musician’s all with unique musical vision’s were invited to take part in a small challenge for the mighty and noble activity of  ‘just for fun’. . . the chief protagonist and legal guardian of the unicorn kittens that got the ball rolling was a certain Mr Carl Pace (Beta Cloud).

A reproduction of that particular challenge, a link to the Avalanchers Discussion Forum thread discussing this topic, a link to download the resulting FREE various artist compilation and links to the numerous involved artistes can be found below.

Carl said. . .
Mkay, I know there’s a shitload of home recorders/musicians/dj’s here so…I have an idea;

You’re mission if you should choose to accept it=
Record and upload an Xmas tune and share it here.
No matter how bad, (quality or taste); join me and submit your stuff.

If some are right with all that, we’ll compile an xmas album.

Fuck all the eggnog, mistletoe, baby in a manger ass bullshit.
Let’s have some fun with this age old economy boosting fiasco.”

The audio streaming from the above player is encoded at 96kbps.

The audio within the FREE to download album is at the submitted bit rate quality and as such the compilation is of mixed quality bit rate, but, bit rates for each track are higher than the above mp3 players 96kbps. . .  (I wonder how many more times that I can type bit rate in the space of one sentence before it becomes annoying).

Avalanchers Xmas Album 2008
Approx 60mb zip containing 12 tracks (42:13mins).

Right Click and Save As

krampus1-799405td_santakrampuslancherschristmasAbove image created by  ‘Squiddy’.

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