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Roncsipar 2nd and 3rd: monolithic industrial rock’n’roll

Posted 3:45 pm (UTC/GMT), Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 by Roncsipar

Greetings von das Cupcake Reich! This is BassT, and these are my band Roncsipar’s releases. We play monolithic industrial rock’n’roll, and are very influenced by OLD, Pitch Shifter, early Scorn, Godflesh, Stereolab, Swervedriver, classic musique concréte, late 60s tropicalia movement, krautrock, and pretty much everything cool & psychedelic that was around ’67-74.

We have a guitar, bass, drum-machine lineup, mainly do our own songs, but we also like to rearrange pieces from our favourites. Like Hatred Surge-era Napalm Death with wah-psych parts, and forthcoming takes on Tangerine Dream, Swans & obscure soviet-era eastern european TV/radio media signals.

Pulsation / Luktetes


Our second release, and our first one that we think is not horrible. Mainly resembles of Godflesh’ Tiny Tears EP meets Klaus Schulze-on-a-heavy-metamphetamine-trip. Has mixes by James Plotkin himself and fellow Avalancher noiseicians such as Savier and SHJK. Tracklisting is:

  1. DPT
  2. Caught…in a Dream (Napalm Death cover)
  3. Chronovortex
  4. Urine Love (OLD cover)
  5. Pulsation
  6. Only Light Exists
  7. DPT (Savier mix)
  8. Only Light Exists (SHJK Voodoo dub)
  9. Urine Love (Mixed by J. Plotkin)

Download link:

Have I told you we sing in hungarian? Well, I did now. That’s because we live in Hungary, and we don’t want to have hungrish lyrics, so english lyrics will have to wait ’til we’ll get to live several months in an english-spoken enviroment. Also, we like to collaborate. If you’ve got a band of similar interests, look us up and throw a message at our myspace. So watch out, here’s our third release.

Roncsipar - Concrete waste California / Betonsivatag Kalifornia


This one’s a bit heavier and much more colorful. You can hear Pitch Shifter & Formula-era OLD all over it with bits of Loop, Gore, and early 90s post-rock chewed up and pushed into extremely dissonant territories. Has a nice trippy booklet with Giger influenced paintings. Tracklisting follows as:

  1. Concrete Waste California
  2. Crimson Osculation
  3. Return to the Vacuum Litany
  4. Where Is Your God Now?
  5. Mute
  6. Eranthis Relished Woman
  7. Return to the Vacuum Litany (Cerebral mix by 41939 of Ashes of Atlantis)
  8. Where Is Your God Now? (Carnal mix by Lin of Wet Lips)

Download link:

They’re both copyright free. Do whatever you want with them. Art is expression, not property!

If  you liked what you’ve heard, or hated it – especially if you hated it – your thoughts are very welcome at our myspace mailbox. Our myspace url is: